4-30-20 Press Release

The City of Fairfield would like to remind residents of a few items.  The month of May is the time of year that residents can sign up for level pay.  Residents must have resided at their current residence for at least one year to be eligible for level pay.  Residents can also sign up for direct debit to pay their utility bill as well as sign up to receive their utility bill through email.  Any residents interested in these options should call 842-2047.


The City of Fairfield would also like to remind residents that is unlawful to deposit in or on any street, parkway or alley in the city any paper, cardboard boxes, weeds, trash, rubbish, tin cans, bottles, glass boards or any other thing that is likely to cause punctures to tires or that has to be removed to keep the street, parkway or alley sightly and clean.  It is also unlawful for any person to dump any sweepings, ashes, trash, spittoon or other rubbish, or to burn any leaves or rubbish upon any paved street in the city.  


Depositing these items in the roadway, especially yard waste, can cause storm drains to clog.  When storm drains are clogged, it is difficult for water to properly drain which can cause street flooding and even flooding in homes.  


Finally, the City asks residents who place bags of yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, sticks, etc.) for pickup to please use no larger than 33-gallon bags.  Placing yard waste in bags larger than this can cause them to be unusually heavy, especially if they were to get wet.  Bundles, bags, or containers of yard waste should weigh less than 50 pounds each


The City of Fairfield greatly appreciates the residents’ cooperation in this matter.