City Hall
The Fairfield City Hall is located at 109 NE 2nd Street.







The Mayor is Mike Dreith. The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the city,
presides over the meetings of the Council and performs those duties as may be
required by statute or ordinance. The Mayor has supervision over all of the
executive officers and employees of the City and has the power and authority to
inspect all books and records pertaining to City affairs.

For Appointments: contact Mayor's Secretary



The Mayor’s Secretary is Dian Downs. The Mayor’s Secretary serves as Human
Resources Manager and is responsible for payroll management.

Email: Dian Downs
Phone: (618) 842-2294




The City Clerk is Tina Hutchcraft. The City Clerk's office provides professional
records management and meets all legal notice requirements for meetings, etc.
The City Clerk serves as lead FOIA officer for the City of Fairfield and the City
Clerk’s office is the starting point for FOIA questions and


Email: Tina Hutchcraft
Phone: (618) 847-7396


The City Collector is Dielle Rogers. The Collector is responsible for collecting and
receiving all money due on special assessments and special taxes that are not
paid directly to the City Treasurer. The City Collector also collects all accounts,
bills, orders, and sums of money due the City from any and all persons, firms and

Email: Dielle Rogers
Phone: (618) 842-5016



The City Treasurer is Kayla Warren. The Treasurer maintains financial and
accounting records, reports and statements. The Treasurer is responsible for
managing the revenue and cash flow of the City of Fairfield, banking, collection,
receipt, reporting, custody, investment and disbursement of municipal funds.


Email: Kayla Warren
Phone: (618) 842-6171