Prevailing Wage

The City of Fairfield publishes Request for Proposals (RFP's) and/or bid specifications for a variety of projects, programs and products.  Bids and RFP's are published in local newspapers in compliance with local, state and federal laws.  The City is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  All bidders must comply with applicable Illinois law requiring the payment of prevailing wages by all contractors working on public works projects.  The State of Illinois publishes and monitors these rates.  As a municipality in the State of Illinois, the City of Fairfield is subject to the Prevailing Wage Act.

The prevailing wage schedule, published on the Illinois Department of Labor's (IDOL) website, will automatically set the applicable wage rates for each local government.  To review current prevailing wage rates, you may click here for the Department of Labor's website.  Please refer to it for current prevailing wages in Wayne County.