Fairfield Municipal Airport is a public-use airport owned by the City of Fairfield.  Airport property consists of approximately 219 acres of land located on the western side of the City of Fairfield, adjacent to US Route 45 and State Route 15 junction. The unique airport identifier is KFWC, commonly shorthand to FWC.  FWC is a non-towered airport supporting the movement of aircraft and visitors, business travel, agricultural spraying, flight training, recreational aviation, and other activities. Fairfield is the only city in Wayne County with an airport. 

     There are two runways at FWC; Runway 9/27 and Runway 18/36.  Runway 9/27, the primary runway is asphalt and 4,000 feet long and 75 feet wide.  Runway 9 is equipped with End identifier lights (REILS). Visual Approach Slope Indicators to provide pilots with visual guidance information during decent.  Both ends 9 and 27 are equipped with (VASIs).  Runway 18/36 is the crosswind runway, also of asphalt, and 1,999 feet long by 60 feet wide there are no REILS nor VASI supporting this runway. 


Weather data from the AWOS is reported to the national system and can be acquired via telephone (618-847-4709), frequency 119.425, or online. There is a Non-directional Beacon (NBD) NBDs assist pilots in locating the airport.  NDBs are frequently used for flight training.  The apron area has six tie-downs for small aircraft.  It is also used for fueling and occasionally temporary Ag operations.  The Airport has recently completed a fuel farm upgrade with self-serve capability after hours for pilots. 


The airport terminal building has a pilot's lounge and a small conference room for pilots to use.  The airport offers a courtesy car for local travel to accommodate pilots.  The airport has 11 hangers for aircraft and would like to increase that number in the future if needed.  The Fairfield Airport welcomes all travelers and businesses any time.  

Airport Manager: Travis Williams

Address: 883 US Highway 45, Fairfield 62837

Phone: 618-842-9587



Length: 4,000 feet

Width: 75 feet

Surface: Asphalt

Runway Lights: MIRL


Length: 1,999 feet

Width:  60 feet

Surface: Asphalt

Runway Lights:  MIRL