Dear Customers,

The City of Fairfield Water Department is applying for a grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Development for the replacement of Cast Iron water lines. These water lines were originally installed using lead on the joints and for connections to the service lines. The Water Department routinely checks the water for lead and the results have always been no lead detected or under the amount of US EPA guidelines. The EPA is requiring water suppliers to identify possible lead in their system and create a plan of action to eliminate the lead and this is the next step for the Water Department for possible funding. The area included for replacement are West Center Street 9th to 10th, alley between South West 10th and 11th Street, Delaware to Leininger Road, easement west of McDonalds from West Main south to easement north of West Center Drive, then west to Clarence Avenue, behind DiMaggio's from McDonalds to Clarence, and the easement west of Airport Road from Main Street to Leininger Road. Water Department employees will be conducting an income survey which is a requirement for possibly receiving the grant.

Chuck Griswold

Mayor City of Fairfield